Baby Burgers with Angry Onions

This recipe has a back story. We had the Selland’s 2 for $25 dinner last week and they served it with Dorey Cellars Petite Sirah (from Clarksburg). We love the wine so much, we.went online and bought a case. The case was delivered by the ower, and he gave us a 2008 Zinfandel to try. (Incredible customer service!) Since the other wine was so good, I went to the internet to find a recipe that would pair well so we can see if we love the Zin as much as we do the other. This is a artisan winery and they only produced 230 case of this zin…

Now, to the burgers…this was one of the beef recipes that came back in the search results and it was from Food and Wine – they should know. 🙂 The recipe sounded interesting and was easy to put together. Needless to say (I wouldn’t be posting it otherwise), it was delicious. Following the meat preparation and cooking instructions made a perfectly cooked baby burger.The zin was amazing with it and it was an all around fun experience. And the onions weren’t as angry as they were good.

baby burgers 2

Baby Burgers with Angry Onions

Original post May 1, 2014


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