Vietnamese Pho Soup

I wanted to make a vegetarian broth based noodle soup and Pho soup kept coming up in my search results. I followed several recipes because I wanted the depth of flavor of a meat based broth without the meat. Charring the onions and ginger are key in creating a deeper flavor.

I went to the Asian market and picked up all the produce, fresh noodles and a few other items. I always love going there and the produce is really fresh and much cheaper than Nugget!

I toasted all of the spices, anise, cinnamon, fennel, coriander and cloves – all whole, put them in muslin and dropped it in the broth with carrots and two charred onions and ginger.

This is so fresh and delicious. You can add just about any veggie topping to this…I stayed with the standards. I love the lime and cilantro and all of the fresh ingredients in the broth. I will definitely make this again. It was delicious!


Here are the recipes I used for reference:
Vietnamese Pho Soup 
Vegetarian Pho

Original post January 20, 2014


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