Seven-Layer Tortilla Pie

This is an excellent recipe! Even a hit with a teen. I was looking for a vegetarian dinner and this sounded hearty. I had a Cooking Light magazine from 1995! I usually don’t look through the older magazines because they look so…dated. 🙂 This recipe sounded yummy and interesting. Can’t say I’ve ever made anything like this…here goes dinner.

Mine turned out to be a six-layer. I used 100 calorie whole wheat tortillas (Smart & Delicious by the Tortilla Factory). I also used a reduced-fat 4 cheese blend (reduced fat monterey jack, cheddar, queso quesadilla & asadero) by Sargento. Still 8 oz of cheese – just different flavors. Also, I didn’t have straight tomato juice so I used reduced sodium V-8 instead. Everything else was the same as the recipe – I believe.

It is really good. I doctored some Herdez mild salsa with tomatoes, cilantro and garlic. YUM!! When craving a lighter Mexican kind of dish, I’ll be looking for this recipe.

Seven-Layer Tortilla Pie

Originally posted December 21, 2013


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