French Onion Soup Gratinee

It’s Christmas Eve and our tradition is starting to become hor d’oeuvres and creme puffs (for the teen :). We have different cheeses, Port Salut, dill Havarti, aged hard jack, garlic cheese spread, Vermont extra-sharp cheddar, etc., with apples and grapes along with cranberry raisin, rosemary olive oil and roasted red pepper crackers with shrimp and cocktail sauce (TJ’s has the best!).

This year in addition to the hor d’oeuvres, we decided to have a soup. I found this recipe on the internet and liked it because it has a lot less butter than most of the French Onion Soup recipes I’ve seen and had some really great reviews.

I omitted the salt when cooking the onions. I know using salt helps bring out the water but they cook for 35 minutes – plenty of time for all of the water to cook out. They turned out a really nice caramel color. I also omitted the balsamic vinegar. I’ll make this again and try it with the vinegar so I can see the difference. Last change, I used ciabatta bread and 2% Swiss cheese slices with grated Gruyere on top of that prior to broiling. Final touch – some chives from the garden…can’t believe they survived the freezing temperatures.

It was excellent – exactly what you’d expect if you ordered it at a restaurant. I will definitely make this again.

We had it with a really light Pinot Grigio which was a terrific compliment. (Martinelli’s for the under age!)


French Onion Soup Gratinee

Original post December 24, 2013


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