Creamy Rice Pudding

My family has a rice pudding recipe I couldn’t get my hands on. You know the kind – “a pinch of this and about this much of that…”. I’ve been craving it so I searched for a recipe with a lot of good reviews and altered it to make it very vanilla.

I used skim milk with about 1/4 of it replaced with fat free half and half. I also used a real vanilla bean which you can see in the picture below. I emptied the pod, put the ends of it in the rice as it was cooking and simmered the remaining pod with it’s contents in the milk (removing the pod once the pudding was done).

It was really good, has that incredible vanilla flavor I love, and satisfied my craving. (However, it wasn’t as good as my grandmothers!)

rice pudding

Creamy Rice Pudding

Original post January 12, 2014


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