Old Fashioned Cranberry Sauce

I really enjoy cranberries but I’ve never been a huge cranberry sauce fan. I was well into my twenties when I realized that the stuff in the can wasn’t the real deal. Lol. Now I enjoy it as more of a chutney or on toast but I wanted to make it for Thanksgiving dinner this year because Laurie really enjoys it. So I chose a really classic recipe and it turned out terrific. I was asked to make it again…that’s always a good sign. (Now that I have it documented, I’ll be able to find it!)


Old Fashioned Cranberry Sauce

I followed this recipe exactly…it was a good excuse to buy some really good port. (Good port is AMAZING with dark chocolate). One thing I might try next time I make it is to use a little less sugar. Not that it tastes like it needs it but it seems like a lot to me.

Original post November 29, 2013


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