Black Bean Tacos with Feta Slaw

This is the second time making this recipe. It was so yummy the first time. A must for any recipe calling for corn tortillas is Mi Abuelita Bonita Tortillas. They are the best!! Any flavor. For this recipe, I have Green Chili. (all that and I don’t have advertising turned on…)

You can make this completely vegetarian, which is why I tagged it as that however I added fish – both times. One piece of cod…marinated for 15 minutes in lime – 1 whole, cilantro-1/4 chopped, jalapeno-small amount, diced, garlic olive oil – 1 T and cumin – maybe a teaspoon. Heat a non-stick saute pan over med-high heat. Depending how much oil is already on the fish, you may or may not need to add oil to the pan. Add salt if desired. Cook the fish on one side for 4 minutes, flip and cook for 2 more minutes. Flake for tacos.

Back to the recipe. I followed the rest pretty closely. More garlic, of course. This time Nugget was out of the angel hair cabbage so we got a cole slaw mix. I prefer the angel hair cabbage.

Mashing part of the beans and adding the bacon deepens the flavor of the beans. Excellent flavors. And of course, I’m having a glass (or some) chardonnay…great dinner! Corona would be good too…or a Stella…Pumpkin ale…I’m easy.


Black Bean Tacos with Feta Slaw

Cooking Light, November 2013


Originally posted November 25, 2013


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